Edwardian Teak Hatherley Patent Table

Edwardian Teak Hatherley Patent Table

Code: WH8715


Edwardian Teak Hatherley patent table which folds, of superb colour size and design. Charles Allen Jones of Down Hatherley Gloucestershire invented and produced the Hatherley patent table along with a number of other items such as step ladders, bicycles stands and easels working to the same folding mechanism. This B1 Pattern table can also be part folded to be used as a 'Book Rest, Portfolio Stand or Kneeling Desk. Although Jones doesn't note it in his catalogue description, it is useful as an easel to either work on a painting when sat or for display. When doing so a lectern bar is lifted and held in place by a twist catch, to the long end of the top. When not needed, the table can be completley folded for easy storage. The Hatherley was a very practical design, so much so that Jones warned against those copying the patent. This table is stamped with Hatherley Patent.

Height 28"  71cm
Width 22"  56cm
Depth 18"  46cm

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